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Spectrum Wireless Driveway Alarm

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Spectrum Wireless Driveway Alarm

This is THE Driveway Alarm for the large estate or Farm with a 500m range! and may be extended up to 1Km **BRITISH MADE**

Price : £367.00 (inc. VAT)

Price : £305.83 (Ex. VAT)


Product Code: CPP-DW33

This product is only available within the UK


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Spectrum Wireless Driveway Alarm Features


Spectrum Wireless Driveway Alarm Description

This Professional British made single channel Industrial Driveway Alarm is ideal for protecting an entrance gate or driveway approach on large premises and farms providing one of the longest range alarms in the country. With a standard range of 400 - 500 meters (line of sight) there is little to rival this kit. The PIR Movement Detector supplied with the basic kit comes already housed within a UV Stabilised weatherproof heavy duty ABS Plastic housing and the Receiver Unit simply plugs into the mains electricity with the Adaptor provided and may be stood on a desk or mounted to a wall. Fully ready to use and comes with a 2 year Guarantee for peace of mind.

This really is the next step in the evolution of wireless driveway technology following years of experience on farms in the UK resulting in the ultimate wireless system. The range of this driveway alarm may be extended by the use of an aerial fitted either to the receiver or the sensor (see accessories below) which will effectively double the range or even extend the range to over a mile.  You may install additional detectors at any time (although as this basic kit has only a single channel, you wont know which sensor has triggered) however this may not be a problem if, for example, you want 2 movement detectors, one located at the main gate and another at nearby entrance. Although you wont know exactly which one has detected movement, you will still be aware that someone is approaching.

There is also a relay output which allows the user to add a Flashing Light or Siren (see accessories below) to ensure that any alarm is not missed!

The PIR Movement Detector operates from 2 x AA batteries (not supplied) which in normal use, will last about 12 months depending upon how often the PIR is triggered. The width of this 'corridor style' oval shaped Infra-Red Beam is just 1m at the furthest range with a maximum beam range of 30 metres.  As this produces a narrow beam (rather like a narrow torch beam) the detector will generally be above the height of normal animals so as to help avoid false alarms.

The Receiver will sound for several seconds or 1 minute or conatantly (user defined), will also inform you of a low battery on any sensor connected to it and will also trigger an alarm if any sensor is tampered with.

All in all, this is a truly professional piece of kit for the serious minded who need to know if anyone or any vehicle is approaching  the farmhouse, warehouse, storeage areas, distribution depots etc.

Ideal for protecting the approach to animal sheds, stables, barns with expensive machinery, farmyards, farm shops, Loading bays, unmanned reception rooms, and store rooms as well as large house driveways, gardens and garages etc.

If distance is a problem, simply add a 'whip antenna' to the receiver and you effectively double the range or fit a YAGI Directional Antenna which will boost the signal up to 2km (see accessories below).

For full professional protection you should consider the 8 Channel Receiver Unit (see accessories below) which will permit you to attach many sensors coveing 8 channels so you know exactly which one has seen movement. During the day this unit may be set to simply 'chime' the arrival of anybody but at night, it becomes a full alarm system sounding a loud warning to you and in each case, the light corresponding to the channel activated, will have a flashing LED. 

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