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Visor Guard

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Visor Guard

Brass Visor Guard to restrict access through a letter box aperture.

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Product Code: CPP-LK4

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February 23 2010 3:49 pm
Works really well. Allows post through, but stops your letter box about 1/3 open. However it was a bit stingy that they don't give you the screws to fit it! BM Hants

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Visor Guard Features


Visor Guard Description

If the letterbox on your front door offers either an easy option for an intruder to insert their hand to aid access to the house or allows an intruder to visually familiarise themselves with the house by looking through the letterbox, then the Visor Guard may be for you!

The Visor Guard restricts access and visibility, and offers outstanding value for money!

The Visor Guard comes in an attractive, high quality brass finish to ensure that it does not look out of place in your home and is robust enough to resist attempts at forcing it off from the outside

The Visor Guard is particularly effective against the following:

  • Key fishing, the number one method for stealing newer cars.
  • Young arms reaching through the letter box to open rim locks.
  • Thieves evaluating a target visually through the letter box.

Employ the Visor Guard on your front door and increase the effectiveness of your household security precautions.

Approximate Dimensions: Length: 300mm (not including screw wings), Width of each screw wing 30mm, Height of sloping section of guard: 650mm, max length of each screw wing 80mm.

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