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Door/Window Alarm with Chime

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Door/Window Alarm with Chime

Magnetic Contact Window or Door Alarm with Chime function

RRP : £ 7.95

Price : £5.99 (inc. VAT)

Price : £4.99 (Ex. VAT)


Product Code: CPP-DW2

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September 16 2023 11:21 pm
This is the 2nd lot of alarms I have ordered from you and I am very pleased with them, they do the job they are designed for beautifly, the 1st lot I bought 2 years ago are still working well on the original batteries too, excellent product will buy again. RMT

April 23 2023 6:02 pm
Tried a more expensive product from another company but had problems with delivery and trying to situate it and also had to pay for a battery! This product was easy to fit, came with batteries included, was cheaper and arrived very quickly. It also works! TP London

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March 31 2017 3:21 pm
I recently purchased a door alarm, delivery was very quick. My husband has alzheimers and started to leave the house during the night time, since having the alarm fitted I can sleep safe in the knowledge that he cannot open the door without me being alerted by the alarm, I would recommend this to anyone in the same situation. MRS ED

May 16 2016 12:50 pm
The alarm/chime is exactly what i was looking for. The chime that continues to ring until the door is closed is loud enough for my 91yr old mum to hear, and annoying enough to ensure she closes it! Coudln't have been easier to fit. I highly recommend this product.

June 26 2015 2:12 pm
Life Saver! I recently bought the window/door alarms as my son nearly got run over after someone left the front door unlocked. The alarm now means I know straightaway if the door is opened so we can never have a repeat. A very cheap but effective solution. Thank you so much.

January 24 2014 1:40 pm
The price I paid for the alarms was not ALARMING!!!, but they are alarmimgly good. They do what they say on the box, easy to install,discreet and above all loud enough to make someone think about progressing further. PW, Suffolk

January 18 2014 1:37 pm
Great customer care. I ordered three alarms to install on my exterior doors to alert me if my adventurous 3 year old had opened the door. One of the alarms didn't work so I contacted the company and they shipped me another one very quickly to the U.S. The new works great. Very happy with everything. THANKS!!! CD, Illinois

January 8 2014 5:21 pm
Excellent product giving me PEACE OF MIND! I bought this prodict for my elderly Mother and I am delighted with it. Being so easy to fit, along with the volume of noise when the door is left open,is everything we were looking for, AND very affordable. Delighted! Thank you very much

May 29 2010 11:49 am
We use these to protect our display cabinets in our antique warehouse and they are very effective. Quick delivery, we will certainly recommend. RJ Lincs

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Door/Window Alarm with Chime Features

Door/Window Alarm with Chime Description

This product is simplicity itself. So quick to install. It can be used as an alert to warn you and welcome visitors when set in the chime mode or when in alarm mode it will emit 110 decibels which will deter unauthorised entry and alert others. Can be fitted to doors, windows, display cabinets, or why not fit to cupboard doors where young children are about? We have also just heard from a customer that he has fitted one to a Stair Gate so that as soon as anyone opens the gate, the chime sounds. The list is endless.
Dimensions: Just 60 x 30 x 20mm (magnet itself measures 12mm x 60 x 20)

This is a true preventative item because many or our competitors offer similar items BUT they stop after only 3 chimes which means that if the door or window is left open, the next entrant will NOT trigger any warning!

An ideal weapon against bogus callers.

The Alarm is activated when switched to Alarm mode and gap between alarm and magnetic sensor is greater than 1.5cm.

The Magnetic Window Alarm requires (4) LR44 button batteries (included). Average battery life for typical usage is 1 year.
1. Slide cover off the battery compartment located on the front of the main unit.
2. Insert (4) LR44 button batteries noting polarity.
3. Replace battery compartment cover.

1. Using the double sided adhesive tape provided, mount the alarm and magnetic sensor on window, door, or cabinet to be protected.
2. Placing one of the units on the part of the fixture that opens (window) and the other unit on the stationary part of the fixture (frame). Mount so that when the window, door or cabinet is closed, the gap between the alarm and sensor is no more than 1.5cm (preferably less).

1. To arm the unit, toggle ALARM/CHIME switch on the side of the main unit to the Alarm or Chime position. Whenever the protected window, door or cabinet is opened (causing the alarm to be separated from the magnetic sensor by more than 1.5cm), the alarm siren will sound continuously until the door or window is closed. If in CHIME mode, the chime will also sound continuously until closed.
2. To disarm the unit, again toggle ALARM/CHIME switch to OFF position. Make sure the window, door or cabinet is closed before re-arming.

NOTE: To test, a cloth can be used to cover the alarm to reduce risk or hearing damage.

To clean the unit housing, use a soft cloth slightly dampened with water and wipe dry. Do not use chemical agents as this may damage and discolour the unit.

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