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Chaperone® Chieftain Personal Alarm with Strobe Light/Torch

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Chaperone® Chieftain Personal Alarm with Strobe Light/Torch

Professional Personal Alarm with strobe light/torch facility. Don't confuse this with imitations, this is the loudest and most ear-piercing siren available today so Be Warned!

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March 26 2024 12:14 am
Excellent Product. Very Loud. Well made. Delivery excellent. Well Done !! B H Norfolk

September 16 2023 11:11 pm
The order for personal alarms was processed smoothly, and they arrived promptly, well packed and in perfect working order. Over all a good purchase with good service. Many thanks. LH

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January 20 2015 9:03 am
I am VERY impressed with "The Chaperone Chieftain" Personal Safety Alarm @ 140 +db! I had bought a GE personal alarm and there is no comparison. Your alarm is FANTASTIC, everything I hoped for and more. I only wish they could be purchased in the US. Nevertheless, there was no problem purchasing from the UK and I received them (I bought 2) faster than I expected. I've hooked them up as a security "trip" perimeter alarm outdoors and they work great. Feel free to use my remarks to assure potential customers. Maybe you could make it a little louder - it can "only" be heard a block away! Thanks for a quality product and great service! Michael Wren. Kentucky

January 19 2014 2:16 pm
Excellent speedy service - ordered a personal alarm at 10.30am Tuesday, arrived 9.00am Wednesday. Says it all, excellent speedy service LA Norfolk

January 8 2013 5:19 pm
Easy to use. A really eardrum-breaking sound that is as easily activated as it is turned off. Have already recommended it to friends. Does what it says on the pack. PM Belfast

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Chaperone® Chieftain Personal Alarm with Strobe Light/Torch Features

Chaperone® Chieftain Personal Alarm with Strobe Light/Torch Description


The Chaperone® Chieftain Personal Attack Alarm with Strobe Light/Torch is a multi function product that has proved to be a firm favourite demanded by both professionals and the public alike. About the size of a cigarette packet it is used in exacting commercial environments, the siren when activated, produces 140+ decibels together with a powerful strobe light which can be heard and seen up to half a mile away!

Whether in a commercial environment or quiet leafy lane, this robust compact unit provides a simple and effective alarm alerting others and deterring assault which is why it continues to be the market leader today. This is so good that it has even been supplied to the military in Basra and other areas of conflict for use by the civilian personnel working with the forces and to the Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers in Europe. When they need urgent assistance, THIS is the alarm they rely upon.

Alarm approx. Dimensions:
7.25cm High, 6cm wide, 2.25cm deep (excluding belt clip at rear, approx. 1cm).

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The Chaperone® Chieftain Strobe Light/Torch Personal Safety Alarm is fitted with a high intensity strobe bulb that produces a flashing light when the 140dB alarm is activated. The Chaperone Chieftain Personal Security Alarm has the added advantage of an independent torch function when the side button is pressed. It is ideal for almost everyone with concern for personal safety.

To use the alarm in this way, attach the key ring provided to the bottom of the alarm and then attach this to your handbag strap. Hold the ripcord or attach it to yourself with the G clip. If the handbag/case is snatched, the ripcord pin is automatically removed causing the 140dB alarm to sound and strobe light to flash. As the alarm is attached to the article being stolen, it is likely to deter the thief from continuing.
The Chaperone® Chieftain Strobe Light/Torch Personal Safety Alarm can also be used as a shed alarm in this manner. Hang the alarm through the key ring with a staple to the back of a shed door, then hook the ripcord over a hook or nail on the frame. An intruder who does not know that the alarm is in place will cause the ripcord to be pulled free and activate the alarm.

1. To operate the alarm in a panic situation, simply pull the ripcord pin out from the socket. To stop the alarm sounding and flashing, replace the ripcord pin into the socket on top of the unit.
2. To use the alarm as a torch, simply push the button located on the side of the unit.

1. Loosen the two screws on the back cover of the alarm with a small Phillips or Pozi screwdriver. Gently part the back from the front of the alarm to access the battery compartment.
2. Attach a 9-volt battery to the connector and place it into the compartment provided.
3. Refit the back cover and tighten screws.

This bracket will help you locate the alarm on a wall or, for convenience of use when leaving and returning to your home or place of work. Fitting the bracket near the door for example, means that the alarm will also provide you with a means of protection when answering that door. You could also fit the bracket to a wheel chair giving the user confidence that they may sound the powerful siren when needing assistance or to warn off any aggressor.

The high output siren fitted to this quality personal alarm may cause ear damage if used at close range for a prolonged period of time. Keep away from children and pets! This product is designed to be used as a Personal Attack Deterrent.

It is advised that use of an audible personal alarm should not be relied on as the sole means of preventing attack. It should be used in conjunction with other precautionary measures to help reduce the risks to your personal safety. With forethought and informed judgement, these risks can be reduced. Please note the following important advice:

1. Always carry the alarm ready for use.
2. Plan your route/journey in advance.
3. Tell someone where you are going.
4. If possible tell someone what time you expect to be back.
5. Walk with confidence.
6. Be alert.

1. Always carry the alarm ready for use.
2. Always park in well lit areas.
3. Have the keys ready as you approach your car.
4. If another vehicle is signalling you to stop, do not pull over in an isolated spot, wait till you reach a public area or drive to a police station.
5. Be alert at all times.

1. Be sure you know how to activate and de-activate your alarm.
2. Make regular checks on power and at the first indication of a weak sound, replace the battery.

1. Ensure you are familiar with your alarm by testing it regularly outdoors, at arms length away from the ear.
2. The power source has a finite/limited life dependent upon the battery.
3. DO NOT MODIFY THE ALARM. If you are not comfortable with the design get advice from your local Community Safety Unit.
4. The alarm should be kept out of reach of children.

Audible personal attack alarms are designed for use by individuals who are under threat of personal attack and should be used responsibly and with care.

An audible personal attack alarm is, when operated, intended to startle and disorientate a would-be assailant and provide a distraction so that the user may make an escape.

It is not intended to be used as a distress signal for attracting attention to a mishap. However, the noise may induce fear of detection and the intervention of others and so this is an opportune secondary function.

For more information on Personal safety, including tips and advice, read the Crime Prevention Products Personal Safety Guide

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