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'Genny' Defender All Purpose Personal Attack Alarms

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'Genny' Defender All Purpose Personal Attack Alarms

Personal alarm with torch function test button and handbag attachment. Not the cheaper mini version but the full powerful model.

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March 6 2014 10:26 am
These alarms are very good—they are easily concealed but reachable—good value and simple to operate in an emergency. DM Belfast

February 1 2011 3:57 pm
I purchased these alarms 4 years ago and they are still all working effectively. They are of strong construction and carried daily by staff of the company I work for. I am a C&G Qualified Conflict Management Trainer (C&G 1886) and recommend this alarm without hesitation. JH

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'Genny' Defender All Purpose Personal Attack Alarms Features

'Genny' Defender All Purpose Personal Attack Alarms Description

Important NoteAs an ex police officer, I have designed our alarms to offer the highest protection to both the person AND their property. The key ring is pulled from the alarm to trigger it but if you should have to drop the alarm in order to protect yourself, or if it is knocked from your hand, the personal alarm will continue to operate AND you will still have your keys in your possession (unlike some of our competitors where the keys would still be attached to the alarm!)   There are also times when it will be prudent to throw the alarm away to the side or even behind the attacker, 'eyes follow sound' and any aggressor will automatically look at where the alarm has been thrown, this is your chance to get away!  Remember as well that a designated 'Place of Safety' for a lone female in potentially threatening situations is - The Car - The House - The Office or place of work. How are you going to get to any of these if you no longer have your keys?

The ‘Genny’ is designed for women and can go everywhere with you. Closer than a friend, this All Purpose Personal Attack Alarm masquerades as a car key fob. The double attachment also allows you to attach your bag or purse to yourself via the belt clip and if snatched, the alarm is activated. The attacker, now drawing attention, is likely to drop it and run leaving you and your bag safe thus making it suitable for even the most reluctant personal alarm user.

Approx. Dimensions :
(Oval Shape) Length 7.0 cm, Width (At widest Point) 4.0 cm, Height only 2.2 cm.

Activating the Alarm
Activated by pulling the key ring/rip-cord, to pull out the pin. To de-activate, simply replace the pin.

Safety Tips :
This Personal Safety Alarm is designed to increase your personal safety by being convenient and accessible whenever you require.

The design of this alarm also allows it to be used as a handbag/purse alarm. Connect the clip to the handbag or purse and then attach the belt clip to yourself, then if anyone grabs your bag, it will trigger the 130dB siren immediately. Alternatively, you could attach the alarm itself to your bag and then use the clip to connect to your belt loop. Now if the bag is snatched, not only will it trigger the alarm but the alarm will still be attached to the bag and as the thief runs off, the alarm will be going with him!

For more information on Personal safety, including tips and advice, read the Crime Prevention Products Personal Safety Guide

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