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Carbon Monoxide Detector Patches

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Carbon Monoxide Detector Patches

A Twin pack of Carbon Monoxide Detector Patches

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October 15 2010 1:19 pm
I stuck this on our boiler at home and put the second one on my mothers boiler in her flat. Great product and easy to just stick up. MB, Guildford

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Carbon Monoxide Detector Patches Features

Carbon Monoxide Detector Patches Description

Twin pack of Carbon Monoxide Detectors.


Checks all gas, oil and solid fuel appliances for deadly CO leakage.

Low cost protection for up to 3 months.

The spot CO Detector plays a vital role in the saving of lives and increasing the awareness to the dangers of CO gas.

The British spot CO Detector was initially designed to offer a visual CO gas safety check, for students, people on limited income and those who could not afford the more expensive electronic models at that time. However the spot CO Detectors greatest success has been as a Travel Aid to help protect you whilst away from home, it is indespensible and may save your life!

With the spot CO Detector you are not only able to place them in all relevant parts of the home, including the Nursery and Pets Sleeping area, but because the spot CO does not require a battery or power source, it is also an ideal visual check in Caravans, Boats, Garage, Hotel Rooms, etc, etc.

The humble spot CO Detector has saved many lives over the years and of the millions sold we are unaware of a single spot CO Detector that has not worked as it was designed to do so, when the manufactures instructions have been followed.

What is Carbon Monoxide or CO?
CO is a commonly found, insidious and deadly poisonous gas, produced when gas, oil or solid fuel appliances are in operation. Greater amounts are produced if there is inadequate ventilation/oxygen for the appliance to use, or if the appliance is not working properly, perhaps due to poor installation, lack of regular servicing or a chimney/flue blockage. CO can cause death or permanent injury to oxygen rich tissue such as the brain or heart.

CO poisoning is often confused with flu or cold symptoms or the effects of modern living.

How do the Carbon Monoxide Detection Patches work?
If there is CO in the air, the sensitized spot on the Carbon Monoxide Detector Patches will darken and progressively blacken as the level increases. Position the detector on the wall close to and above the boiler/appliance or in the main rooms of the building using the adhesive pad on the back.

What are the danger signs?
For you, these could be the first signs of CO poisoning :
If you feel drowsy, over tired, have a headache, dizziness or nausea, or have pains in the chest or stomach – then check the detector and if necessary seek medical advice.
For your appliance: If your appliance has stains or soot deposits or is burning yellow/orange, or smells of fumes, or tends to go out – then check the detector.

If your Carbon Monoxide Detector is activated by the presence of CO the chemical compound in the centre of the detector will darken. It is important that you switch off your appliance, ventilate the room and contact a specialist immediately. Remember to have your appliances serviced at least once a year.

Always replace an activated Carbon Monoxide Detector Patch immediately - and every 3 months even if it hasn't been activated.

REMEMBER : If you feel overtired or even have a headache, CHECK THE DETECTOR – It could save your life.

Normal light spot means "OK", Dark spot means "Danger".

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