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Telescopic Vehicle Security Post

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Telescopic Vehicle Security Post

Telescopic security parking post slides into ground when not required.

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Product Code: CPP-VH2T70

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Telescopic Vehicle Security Post Features

Telescopic Vehicle Security Post Description

With a high standard of fabrication, the Telescopic Security Post submerges into the ground into its own steel sleeve to sit flush when not required.

This item is normally despatched by courier.

1. Please read “Important Notes” below
2. Choose a location for the post ensuring that the post will be free from obstructions in both the raised and lowered positions.
3. Dig the hole 5” (127mm) deeper than the length of the ground socket.
4. The width of the hole should be at least 12” square allowing enough room for the post plus the filling.
5. For water drainage line the bottom of the hole with either gravel or rubble
6. Position the steel stabilising rod into the holes at the bottom of the post. Place the ground socket into the hole so that the top of the post is at ground level.
7. Wedge the post in position and check that it is vertical, it may help to extend the post to check with a spirit level that the post is vertical. Now retract the post and fill 50% of the hole with hardcore and compact. Check that the post is still vertical.
8. Fill the hole with concrete to just below the blanked rubber grommet / access holes. Now pack a layer of gravel round the post covering the access holes and then concrete to surface level (this will help, if you ever need to remove the top section of the post) Security Feature : please note that even with access to these holes the post cannot be removed whilst in the locked position
9. Check that the post is still vertical by extending the post, then retract and leave in the down position for at least 48 hours or until the concrete is fully set.

The Concrete Mix should be a strong mix (i.e. not too wet) we recommend a mix of 1 part concrete to 3 parts aggregate.

“Important Notes” Please read carefully.
When deciding the location of the post, look for drainage covers etc and avoid installation between these points to try to prevent uncovering pipes etc. Dig slowly using hand tools so that if you do encounter a pipe or cable you do not damage them. If you do encounter a pipe or cable re-fill and select a new location. If in doubt consult a qualified builder for installation of this product.

WARNING : The Telescopic Security Post is made of heavy weight steel, to prevent injury to your fingers or hand, please hold the handle at the top of the post when removing the padlock and ensure that the post is lowered slowly into the ground.

Documentation for Telescopic Vehicle Security Post

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