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Mini DVR with 2.5

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Mini DVR with 2.5

The worlds smallest mini colour DVR Recorder and at less than half price!

Price : £209.99 (inc. VAT)

Price : £174.99 (Ex. VAT)

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Product Code: CPP-Camkit5dvr

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Mini DVR with 2.5 Features

Mini DVR with 2.5 Description

This is the worlds smallest mini DVR Recorder measuring just 78x50x20mm and contains a 2.5" built in colour screen which can be easily carried in the pocket or small pouch included. There is a remote control that allows activation and deactivation with recording on to an SD card whenever the record button is pressed.

There are many valuable uses for this recording device. For example, one client fixed the camera in such a way so as to view his car, which was parked on the driveway and then connected it to the Mini DVR recorder inside the house. With the 'Auto Record' feature enabled, the Mini DVR only recorded something when the camera picked up movement.
This important feature meant that there was no need for hours of trawling through recorded images looking to see if anything had happened, if the device had nothing recorded, then there had been no movement! The situations where this type of use may be employed are limitless and remember this unit can be used with both hard wired and wireless cameras.

The recorded images may be viewed on the built in screen or through a TV or PC.

Using a 1GB SD card will allow up to 65 minutes storage including Time & Date stamp, and of course, the card is quickly replaceable so as to save any particular event which may be needed for evidential purposes.

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