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Professional Wireless CCTV Camera Monitoring System

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Professional Wireless CCTV Camera Monitoring System

Professional Wireless Monitoring Camera System with 100m Range Line of Sight (extendable to 300-400m or even 1Km)

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Price : £199.99 (inc. VAT)

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Product Code: CPP-Camkit1

This product is only available within the UK


February 16 2010 10:19 pm
Great picture image, although had to buy the antenna to get the signal to reach over 65m away and passing through a solid barn wall. Very happy. JR Sussex

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Professional Wireless CCTV Camera Monitoring System Features

Professional Wireless CCTV Camera Monitoring System Description

Not the least bit like other wireless camera systems on the market, this is probably the Security Camera System you have been waiting for.

Easy to install and operate, the system consists of an external quality Wireless CCTV Camera with 30 Infra-Red Led's and a small Receiver unit that connects to a monitor (not supplied) or straight into your TV with the supplied Scart lead (if you prefer BNC connectors please ask).

Gives quality colour images and low light night vision down to 3 Lux using the Infra-Red illumination that is built into the camera front, plus audio pick up so you may also listen in.

There are many cheaper wireless CCTV cameras available but none of them will compare to the quality of this system. If the 100m range (line of sight) is not enough because either the walls between the Receiver and the Camera are too solid or the camera is to be sited further away, then you can add a Directional 15dB Antenna (see accessories below) to either end and effectively increase the range to 300-400m. If that is still insufficient you can add an Antenna to EACH end and you may well achieve up to 1Km.

At work:

Use it on a Loading bay, vulnerable office, main entrance, store room, rear entrance, or perhaps an unattended reception area and even a car park. Perfect for use outside in open vulnerable areas because we can supply it with crocodile clips power cable for connecting to a car battery (about 2-3 weeks use between charging).

At home:

Use it to keep an eye on your car on the driveway, a rear or side garden vulnerable to access, watch over a home office, main entrance, valuable animal pen or outhouses, stables and barns etc. There is no limit to the capabilities.

Each system can handle up to 4 wireless Digital CCD Cameras but if fitting to a Recording device, remember you can only record one channel at a time so if you need to be able to record all cameras, you need a separate system for each camera & connect each one to your recorder.

Extra Cameras are also available (see accessories below) so that you can use up to 4 cameras on the Receiver for monitoring only.

We also offer a good quality DVR so that you can have your images recorded for future use if needed (see accessories below) but remember that if you have more than one camera and want to record all cameras simultaneously, you will need to ensure that you have 4 Receivers as well.


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