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Hand Held Counterfeit Detector UV Torch

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Hand Held Counterfeit Detector UV Torch

Hand held UV Torch with hand-strap and White Light torch facility (useful for checking Watermarks).

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January 30 2014 5:15 pm
Great product, fast service. The website was easy to navigate, product was exactly what it said on the tin - value for money too, arrived very fast. Many thanks. ME, London

March 17 2012 12:40 pm
A definite improvement on similar models I have tried. This one actually works well and the switch has a very positive feel to it which really helps in a busy environment.VS Bath

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December 1 2010 9:12 am
I like this lamp a lot, not only does it show up the UV markings on a banknote but you can use the handy white torch light at the end to see watermarks. AV Guernsey

March 6 2010 11:38 pm
Thank you! I found a forged £20 note the first time I used it.

October 3 2009 11:56 am
Just the job! We had our company logo printed onto them and they look and work brilliant. AA Leicestershire

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Hand Held Counterfeit Detector UV Torch Features

Hand Held Counterfeit Detector UV Torch Description

CAUTION: UV Light can be dangerous. Do not expose the skin or eyes under the light source. Keep out of the reach of children.

With a high standard of manufacture, this lamp offers a reliable source of ultraviolet light through a 4 Watt UV Tube. A convenient white light torch, useful for checking watermarks and the continuity of the metal strip on banknotes, is incorporated into the lamp at one end and a switch allows easy changing from one source to another. This lamp is another of our long established products supplied to banks and other organisations and agencies who need the facility to detect counterfeit money, documents or credit cards.

Approx. Dimensions: 160mm x 53mm x 23mm


Detection :
Our forged note detectors are designed to offer users a simple, quick and easy way to check for counterfeit and forged documents banknotes and credit cards. The Document/Banknote or Credit card issuing authorities are the only people who can 100% confirm if a Document/Banknote or Credit card is genuine or not. Some police laboratories can provide an intermediate service, but it is advisable to refer the document or banknote to the issuing authority.

Banknotes :
FORGED NOTE DETECTORS: using a U.V. (ultra violet) and white light together is an aid to prevention and to stem the increasing number of forgeries. Users of the U.V. Forged Note Detectors must check for the continuous metallic/plastic strip, watermark, the feel of the paper and the amount of U.V. reflection should be checked.

1. U.V. LIGHT: A genuine bank note should not fluoresce right across the banknote. Many banknotes have fluorescent marking in the note. When they are held under the U.V. light the marking will appear (only the design should fluoresce when passed under the U.V. light).

2. FEEL THE PAPER: Some forgers have soaked the forged notes in U.V. protection fluids such as sun tan lotion thus supposedly blocking out the U.V. light. However, sun tan lotion and such like are not 100% U.V. proof. The banknote will still fluoresce slightly as well as feel greasy to the touch and look very fragile. If you try to block the U.V. you also block the watermark.

3. WATERMARKS: Many counterfeit watermarks are bleached into the paper. A U.V. light will not fluoresce a genuine watermark, but will fluoresce a bleached watermark. Only a white light will display the watermark.

4. METAL AND PLASTIC STRIPS: Under a white light, a continuous metal strip can be seen. A genuine banknote will reveal a continuous strip as it is sandwiched in the genuine banknote. With a forgery you can usually see a dashed line where it is painted on the outside of the note. If a magnifying lens is used, in many currencies the value of the note is printed onto the strip.

5. EUROS: All of the new Euro notes have fluorescent markings on the back of them.

6. CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS: (fluorescent design) MASTER CARD has ‘M’ ‘C’. AMERICAN EXPRESS has ‘AMEX’. VISA has the Eagle design. SWITCH has the switch logo. VISA DELTA has the Eagle design. Check the security number printed in black on the back of the card.

7. DOCUMENTS: Newer Driving Licenses/I.D. Cards/Passports have fluorescent designs on them.

8. BANK CHEQUES: All of the major banks now print fluorescent designs into their cheques.

Forged Note Detectors are only a front line aid to he prevention of forged and counterfeit banknotes, documents, credit cards and cheques being passed as genuine.

For tips on using UV Lamps, read our UV Lamps Advice and Information page.

Documentation for Hand Held Counterfeit Detector UV Torch

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