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Spectrum GSM Guard Driveway Alarm

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Spectrum GSM Guard Driveway Alarm

Spectrum GSM Guard is a battery operated movement sensor and receiver with 300m range AND a GSM auto-dialer that calls up to 10 numbers

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Spectrum GSM Guard Driveway Alarm Features

Spectrum GSM Guard Driveway Alarm Description

Got a situation where valuable animals are at risk or expensive machinery is housed in an 'out of the way' barn or shed?  Maybe you have a building site where valuable materials are also being stored like newly installed kitchens - bathrooms - central heating etc?


The Spectrum GSM Guard Driveway Alarm is designed for use where there is no power or telephone connection as the units are all battery operated and is supplied with a Pay-as-you-Go SIM card.  It uses a special low current Receiver, which draws almost 90% less current in standby than the standard receiver which makes this system an ideal choice for applications like those described above where no mains supply is available and the receiver and dialer are to be powered by battery.

Locate the Motion Sensor in the desired position (each sensor produces an Infra Red beam up to 30m) and then place the receiver and GSM dialer somewhere reasonably secure and dry anywhere up to 400m away. Connect the Receiver to the GSM Dialer using the cable provided and programme in your required telephone numbers (up to 10) and finally connect the Receiver to a batterry (either a liesure or car batterry for example). Using this type of batterry will provide up to 2 months useage before re-charging of the battery is required.

The system is armed and disarmed by text message and once armed, anything crossing the Motion Sensor beam will trigger the system and cause warning text messages and voice-calls to be sent to up to ten phone numbers.

You may want to add additional Motion Sensors to protect more than one area or access point and this is easily achieved by buying extra PIR Motion Sensors (see Accessories below).



Range of the Sensor to the Receiver is about 400m (line of sight) but this range can be extended by the adding of a specialist antenna (see Accessories below) up to approximately 1 mile.

 Normally Supplied with a Vodafone SIM card but other networks are available on request at no extra charge and comes complete with a £10 credit included. We will call you upon receipt of order to ascertain which is your preferred network.





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