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Alpha•Dot for the Home or Caravan

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Alpha•Dot for the Home or Caravan

Alpha•Dot Home/Caravan property marking system with database tracking

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Alpha•Dot for the Home or Caravan Features

Alpha•Dot for the Home or Caravan Description

AlphaDot works on the principal of 'Layered Security' you may have an alarm system, your car may well be kept in a secure garage and your expensive tools and lawnmower in a locked shed but AlphaDot remains in place even if the other systems fail. AlphaDot not only enhances your security measures, it also PROVES OWNERSHIP!

AlphaDot is a tiny microdot just 1mm in diameter. Each pack contains hundreds of uniquely marked Alpha-Dots and all you need do is relate your details to the unique coding in each pack onto the Traceline National Database. Very easy to apply to virtually any item from a small camera or mobile phone up to a large caravan!

Each tiny dot is printed with a unique identification number and a special phone number, used by police to immediately trace the owner of any marked item with a single phone call.

Every pack contains hundreds of unique dots allowing you to mark and protect almost any item. Warning labels are also provided to ensure that any would-be thief can immediately see that the item has been marked and protected. A small dab in various out-of-the-way places on each item is all that is needed and once dry, the tiny dot is almost invisible to the naked eye but Police have been trained and supplied with special locating kits. The AlphaDot system is, by intent, covert and difficult to find. However, the adhesive used to secure the microdots in place does have a UV component, making them show-up more easily with a black or UV light source.

Most thieves will avoid stealing marked items because they put themselves at increased risk of arrest and subsequent prosecution, remember the police only have to find ONE tiny dot to identify the true owner but the thief has to find and remove ALL the dots to be safe from prosecution- an impossible task!

Should the worst happen, you can even flag the loss onto the Traceline Database to assist police enquiries

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